Ryan Meichtry, Noah Cohen & Mike Bromley @ the Montreal screening

This past weekend our team flew to Montreal, Quebec, for a screening of our film. This screening was at an outdoor venue in the Outremont borough of the city, and we were sharing the screen with our great friend Ben Gulliver’s new film The Sea Wolf as well as the documentary Island Earth.

So far we’ve had two screenings – one in Halifax that was a huge success, and one in Quebec City that we were unable to attend, but have heard that it was huge! From our experience, you never know what to expect for a screening – especially an outdoor screening.

The folks at Ouisurf & Serjj blew us away! The outdoor venue was incredible, the weather was perfect the people were even better. We’ve not yet received a final tally of the attendance, but our best guess is several hundred.

First of all – we want to thank the incredible Montreal surf community for your very warm welcome. We didn’t know that a place so far from the nearest coastline could foster such a strong, passionate community. You guys/gals rule! We also want to thank everyone involved with putting on the screening – especially Ouisurf, Serjj, the sponsors: ReefBière BoréaleLozeauGUSTA and Le Virage Mtl and photo credit for the featured image: Ren Rob.

Love Ryan & Mike

The amazing crowd at the Montreal screening. Photo Credit: Ren Rob

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