Oct 2017

Perilous Sea

After 3 years of adventuring through harsh North Atlantic conditions, we have completed our first feature length surf film, Perilous Sea.

Inspired by the classic maritime novels about the cruel and dark North Atlantic, Perilous Sea follows a group of professional surfers around the different frozen and rugged corners of the North. Striving to be the first surf film to take place entirely in the North Atlantic the film is complete after three years of production. “Perilous Sea” was shot on location in Iceland, the Canadian Maritimes and Ireland.

Check out the Perilous Sea trailer:

Perilous Sea – Trailer from Mike Bromley on Vimeo.

We are extremely proud of how this project turned out and the film has received several accolades. Perilous Sea has been named as an official section for the following film festivals:

Perilous Sea has also caught a significant amount of media attention and has been featured on the following online publications:

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