For the first time in almost 30 years, American Airlines has introduced a new uniform for its public-facing employees. The change affects more than 70,000 workers—“all of the company’s pilots, flight attendants, customer service agents and airline club workers”—at the world’s biggest airline, notes USA Today.
American Airlines commissioned Steven Lippman to photograph the new look, which is being featured in a limited-edition book.

photographer/director: Steven Lippman
Director of Photography: Ryan Meichtry
wardrobe stylist: Nina Sterghiou
wardrobe assistants: Elliot Soriano and Carolyn Brennan
hair & makeup: Sandrine VanSlee
hair & makeup assistant: Rie Hirabayashi and Julianne Laney
photo assistants: Eric Larson, Tim Young, Trevor Pikhart, and Trevor Smith
digital techs: Diasuke Yoshida and Keny Ulloa

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